Midas Touch: Chapter 5

“What do you mean you’ve got an idea?” David asked. “If you think I’ll go around transforming people just because you want to experiment, you’re dead wrong.”

“Hear me out first,” Alec responded. “You don’t know anything about your power except that people change into girls whenever you touch them.” Alec glanced at the female Riley reading a book on the couch; he also looked at Sam who was still grabbing David’s arm from behind. “I think it would be a good idea to figure out how to control it, or at least understand it. You don’t want to be isolated your whole life.”

“I’m not isolated,” David said defensively. “I’m almost always with Sam.”

“Which is why you came over to Riley’s house to play video games, huh?” Alec said, raising an eyebrow. “How did that work out for you?” David didn’t have any retort against that. “What else do you know about your power? What happens when you touch a girl? What about a child? Why do they take different times to transform? Is there a reason why they look and act the way they do?”

“Look, I understand your point,” David said. “But I’m killing whoever I touch. I’m not some kind of god that gets to decide who lives and who dies. I could barely keep up with my classes, what makes me qualified to change others? My brother will never come back to the way he was; Riley is gone, and so is Sam. If I touch you, you’re gone.”

Alec took a step back, raising his hand defensively. “Calm down. That’s why we go somewhere where the people are almost dead anyway. Before my grandpa passed away, he stayed at a nearby rest home. Plenty of people there are barely living. Sam was about 23 before you touched him, right? Well, she looks to be about my age now, 18 or 19. I’m sure they’d be grateful to be young again if it works that way.”

David thought about it. “What about Simon? Why do you think it didn’t work on him? What if it doesn’t work on older people?”

“Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t,” Alec said. “Maybe it’s just taking a long time. He does look and act differently than he did before. We won’t know until we try.” Alec took a deep breath. “We might even be able to find a way to change them back. All I know is you won’t find out anything waiting around here.”

David couldn’t find a good reason not to do it. “Fine, I’ll do it. But, we’re going to be careful. It’s a little late today, so we can go tomorrow morning.”

Alec went to pat David’s shoulder but stopped himself short. “Ah, that was close. You made the right decision. Don’t back out of it now. I’ve got a car, so I can drive you there.” He looked at Riley. “You might want to leave quickly, so Simon doesn’t find out. See you tomorrow.”

“You better not tell anyone,” David said as Alec walked out the door. Alec waved his hand in confirmation.

David felt Sam relax her grip a little bit on his arm once she was positive Alec was gone. “I don’t like him,” Sam said after the door closed.

“I don’t either,” David said. “But not much we can do about it now. Riley, would you like to come with us? Your dad might not understand finding you the way you are.”

“You’re the boss,” Riley said as she got up from the couch. The three of them left Riley’s home, with Sam still holding onto his arm.

On the way back to the apartment, David noticed Riley was still reading her book; she would also pull on her braid over her shoulder absentmindedly. David couldn’t help but smile at her perseverance in reading, even while walking. He started to wonder why she ended up like that. Riley caught him looking at her.

“Is something wrong?” she asked.

“No,” David said, quickly looking away blushing. He didn’t notice how big her eyes were before. After a short pause, David said, “You should probably send a message to your dad you’ll be staying at my house.”

“I doubt he’ll care,” she replied flatly.

“It seemed like he cared to me,” David said.

“Maybe today,” Riley said. “But, before, he only cared about his work and himself. It’s probably due to you touching him. Looks like I’ll have two moms soon.” She was listening when David told his story.

“Still, we wouldn’t want him to get worried,” David replied. “I don’t want him to be suspicious. Too much could go wrong as it is.”

Without talking, Riley took out her phone and started texting. After that, she went immediately back to her book. However, she did step closer to David, so that their shoulders were touching as she matched his pace. David had no idea how to read her.

Once they walked back into their apartment, Sam finally let go and stretched rather suggestively. David looked away, blushing. It was amazing that Sam could be so shy outside, but once she got home, she was completely defenseless. Riley watched David, her head tilted a little bit as if she was thinking. Her emotionless stare was a little unnerving for David.

“Are you hungry?” Sam said after she finished her stretches. “I’m going to cook us up something good.” A wave of nausea passed through David as he remembered her cooking.

Once Sam was out of earshot, David leaned over to Riley and whispered, “I don’t suppose you know how to cook.”

“Not at all,” she replied and then smiled softly. “By your expression, should I be worried?”

“Maybe a bit,” David replied, also with a smile.

Riley’s smile seemed to dissolve the awkwardness between them. David realized it was the first time she had smiled since turning into a girl. It was a secret smile that she wouldn’t show to anybody else. David had thought her somewhat plain and forgettable before, but now, she was every inch as pretty as Sam, just in a different way.

The lack of awkwardness didn’t last long as David realized they were alone in the room together. He had just gotten used to Sam’s personality, but the new girl was closer to his age, which made all the difference.

“So, um, yeah,” David fumbled out. “Make yourself at home while we wait for the deathly cooking.” David sat down on the couch to set the example to relax. Riley followed him by sitting on the couch and opening her book to read, zoning everything else out.

David closed his eyes. It had been a hectic day. He couldn’t believe that he touched another person and ruined his life. Was he going to be like this for the rest of his life? On top of that, Alec knew his secret; what if he told somebody? He might have to run again.

David felt something warm land in his lap. He opened his eyes to see Riley resting her head on his lap while reading her book like it was the most natural thing in the world.

“Riley?” David asked. “What are you doing?”

“You said to make myself at home,” she said; her face was emotionless, but her eyes seemed to glow with a hint of teasing. “I feel at home right here. Though, I could sit on your lap; that would also be comfortable.” She made a move to sit on his lap.

“No, no. It’s alright,” David said. Riley let out a small smirk as she lay back down.

“Don’t call me Riley,” she said after a few moments of silence.


“Don’t call me Riley. I know Riley can be a girl’s name, but I want something new for a new life.”

“Okay, what should I call you then?” David asked.

“Um, I don’t care. You choose.”

“Okay,” David said, thinking for a moment. “What about Rachel?”

“Rachel?” she said, testing the work. She smiled. “I like it.” Rachel went back to her book.

As David sat there, he realized he didn’t know what to do. Having a girl on his lap did feel nice, but his movement was severely limited. On top of that, being this close to Rachel made him aware of how good she smelled. Rachel smiled, probably fully aware of what position she put David in.

“Dinner is-” Sam called as she came out from the kitchen. She stopped midsentence and her smile disappeared as she saw Rachel lying on David’s lap. She tried to smile again, but it looked a little forced. “Dinner is ready. Come while it’s still hot.”

David and Rachel made their way to the kitchen to sit around the table. David saw a box of macaroni and cheese on the table; he had a flicker of hope that this food would be edible since it was so easy to make. However, his hope was dashed to pieces as a putrid smell passed over the kitchen as she opened the pot.

Sam dished out the macaroni and cheese and put it in front of David and Rachel. The cheese looked to have a greenish color. Rachel looked at David with questioning eyes that seemed to say, ‘How did she mess up mac and cheese?’

David shrugged and mouthed the words, ‘Please be nice.’ David picked up the fork and put the substance in his mouth. It tasted horrible, the worst thing Sam had cooked. David gave a fake smile to Sam and urged Rachel to eat as well.

Rachel didn’t look eager, but she followed David’s example and had a bit of the food. David almost laughed at the look on Rachel’s face as she almost gagged. Sam looked at her expectantly.

“It’s . . . it’s . . .” Rachel started; her mouth didn’t seem to work properly. “It’s wonderful.” Rachel tried to take another bite, but the fork stopped in front of her mouth. “Excuse me,” Rachel said, as she dropped her utensil and rushed to the restroom.

“Is she okay?” Sam asked innocently.

“She’ll be fine,” David replied. “It might be a side effect of the transformation.”

Sam nodded as she ate her bowl of mac and cheese. David had been watching her eat the last few days, and it appeared that she liked the food she cooked. David assumed it was because the transformation altered her taste buds. He couldn’t think of anything else that made sense.

Rachel returned a few minutes later. Sam offered to reheat the food for Rachel, but Rachel declined, saying she didn’t have much of an appetite. When Sam wasn’t looking, David pointed to a cupboard where he had a few snacks. Rachel nodded gratefully.

The three of them made their way to the living room to watch TV together. They sat on the couch together, with David in between the other two. Rachel sat casually, with her head resting on his shoulder. She would make subtle movements, like putting her hand on his leg or grabbing his hand. She would give a devious smile as she recognized his discomfort.

Sam, on the other hand, was tense. She kept on shooting glances at Rachel like she was intruding on her territory; she looked worried and angry at the same time. David did his best to get Sam to relax, but she hadn’t fully gotten used to Rachel yet, especially since Rachel had so easily gotten into David’s personal space.

As everybody was ready for bed, David told Rachel, “You can sleep in my bed tonight. I can sleep on the couch.”

“Why thank you, David,” Rachel said with a hint of teasing in her voice.

“Um,” Sam spoke up. “You don’t have to do that. I can sleep on the couch.” Then in a much quieter voice, she whispered, “Or you could sleep . . .”

“Oh,” Rachel interrupted. “We should let him play the gentleman.”

Sam gave Rachel a hard stare, but Sam reluctantly nodded her head.

“Good night, David,” Rachel said. “See you in the morning.”

The girls separated into their rooms. Sam gave a shy wave before closing the door behind her.

David lay down on the couch. The combination of sleeping within a small area and having thoughts of the transformation made it difficult for David to fall asleep.

Rachel fumbled with her phone alarm. She looked at the time: 7 AM. She pulled the covers over her head. Even as a girl, she was not a morning person. On top of that, during the night, she kept on rolling over on her front and her new body parts kept on getting in the way. It wasn’t necessarily uncomfortable, but it was different.

The faint scent of David coming from the bed was pleasant. Rachel wanted to lie there all day and do nothing. However, against her base desires, she got up. Looking down at herself, Rachel almost laughed. It was hard to believe she was a guy the day before. She moved her hands down her body to feel the curves and tested her flexibility. It was all so different, yet it felt right.

Rachel still had all of her memories as a guy, but it was like it happened a long time ago, like a memory from her childhood. Rachel recognized her mind had drastically changed from before because of the curse or whatever it was called, but she didn’t care.

As an overweight guy, he would often feel excluded from the other groups, and it always felt like he was at the butt end of jokes. Riley became very self-conscious and isolated, as he tried not to make himself look like a fool. The stress of trying to fit in was no longer there. Rachel felt liberated, not because she was a girl, but because she felt confident and didn’t care what others thought of her.

Rachel walked out to the main room. David was still asleep on the couch. Her heart began to beat faster and a smile formed on her face as she thought of an idea to wake him up. She knew her attraction to David was directly related to the curse, but she couldn’t change the way she felt. Also, it was so much fun to tease him and watch him get embarrassed.

Rachel walked to the couch and lay down next to David. He seemed to sense her presence as his eyes opened. Rachel’s and David’s faces were inches away from each other.

Calming her racing heart and stilling her face, Rachel said, “Good morning, sunshine.”

David jumped up and almost pushed Rachel off the couch. “Rachel? What are you doing?”

“I thought you’d need a wake-up call. It worked, didn’t it?”

“There are better ways,” David replied. They both sat up on the couch. David looked over her. “Um, is that my shirt? Please tell me you’re wearing pants.”

Rachel looked down. She had almost forgotten she had changed into David’s clothes last night. The t-shirt she was wearing rested just above her mid-thigh.

“Why don’t you find out yourself,” she responded as she started inching up the shirt.

“Ah, don’t do that,” David said, blushing as he looked away.

Rachel let out a giggle; she lifted the shirt to reveal short shorts underneath. “Relax, I’m wearing shorts underneath. When I tried on your clothes last night, they adjusted to fit me. It was kind of cool.”

“Aw, I liked that shirt,” David said. “Oh well, it’s yours now. Yeah, the same thing happened with my brother and Sam.”

“What happened to me?” Sam asked as she walked out of her room. Everybody froze awkwardly as Sam saw Rachel lifting her shirt toward David. Containing her blush, Rachel lowered her shirt.

“Oh,” David said. “We were just talking about how your clothes changed after your transformation.”

“I see,” Sam said. She shot Rachel a hot glare; Rachel ignored her. She didn’t care what others thought of her; well, everyone, except David, but he was special. Rachel did, however, make a mental note that Sam was the jealous type. It was good to be aware of the competition.

“So, when are we going?” Sam asked.

“We?” David responded. “Don’t you have work today?”

“Do I have to go? I want to spend more time with you,” Sam pouted.

David put his hand on her shoulder. “I’m sorry, Sam, but yesterday was your first day. It wouldn’t be very good to skip out already.”

Rachel felt her phone vibrate. After she looked at her phone, she spoke up, “Alec wants to know if we can leave by 9.”

“Sure, that works well,” David replied.

The rest of the morning consisted of Sam pouting, trying to convince David to let her go. She even refused to cook them breakfast. Eventually, Sam gave in after David told her that they would be with Alec the whole day and that he’d make it up to her later on.

About half an hour after Sam left for work, Rachel and David went out to the parking lot. Alec was waiting.

“Where’s Sam?” Alec asked.

“She has work,” David replied, adjusting his brother’s hat.

Alec sulked the entire way there. Alec didn’t appear to have any attraction to Rachel, probably because he knew her as a guy beforehand. Rachel wanted to keep it that way.

Once they arrived at the rest home, Alec said, “Just let me do all the talking. If you say anything, you’ll probably mess it up. Don’t look up while in the lobby; they have security cameras, but only top down.” Rachel and David nodded. Rachel noticed as they walked, Alec stayed as far away from David as he could; he always made sure Rachel was in between them.

They walked inside and greeted the secretary at the front counter. “Excuse me,” Alec said in a very polite, but fake voice. “We are volunteering for our school club as our summer project. We would like to visit a few residents here, especially those who don’t have family that visits them. If we could spend fifteen minutes with each of them, that would be great.”

“Oh my,” the secretary said. “That’s very nice of you. Fill in your names here, and you’re good to go.” Alec filled out the paperwork, putting down false names, of course. The nurse continued as she pointed down a hall. “Great. Three folks down this hall rarely get visitors. Rooms 212, 213, and 214. Let me know if you need anything.”

“Thank you very much,” Alec said.

As the three of them went down the hallway, Rachel noticed the building was somewhat low-maintained. Many lights were out and there was dirt in the corners. Everything felt low-budget and old. Rachel suspected this was one of the main reasons Alec chose this place; it would be easier to get away unnoticed after transforming a few people.

The first door’s sign read ‘212 Larry Noles’. They gave a polite knock at the door, but there was no answer. They cautiously entered the room. An old man, probably in his nineties, was lying asleep on a bed.

“Go ahead and touch him,” Alec whispered. “If it takes too long, then we can go to the next one and come back later. Remember, we’re trying to learn more about the ability; try to notice as much as possible.”

David nodded and inched his way closer to the bed. His hands were shaking. To the best of Rachel’s knowledge, David had never touched someone on purpose to make them transform; it had always been on accident.

Rachel took a good look at the old man. He was almost completely bald, except he had white tufts on the side. His face was weathered with wrinkles, and it looked like he had had a long difficult life. Rachel gently grabbed David’s hand and smiled at him. David nodded appreciatively and let Rachel guide his hand to the old man’s. Immediately, Rachel could see a difference as the skin started to become lose its wrinkles.

“Keep track of the time it takes for him to transform,” Alec told Rachel. She took out her phone and started the timer.

The old man’s skin turned pink like he had a really bad sunburn. Then, the skin began to peel. Underneath the first layer, the skin wasn’t that different than the top layer, but then he began to peel again and again. Under each layer, his skin became healthier and smoother. After five layers in two minutes, the man looked to be around 50 years old. The man opened his eyes and gasped for air as if he had been holding his breath for a long time.

The man looked around at his surroundings and saw the three. “Who’re you?” He sat up easily. “Woah, did they give me new medication? I feel great.”

“Actually, Larry,” Alec said. “We’re doing a little experiment. You see, we recently came across some magic. Part of that magic is the ability to make a person younger.”

“Really?” Larry stood up and walked over to the mirror. “If it wasn’t happening to me, I would never believe it.” His hair started to grow back. Although it was still white hair, it was at least half an inch long. His skin kept on peeling, revealing more healthy skin. His face looked much fuller and younger. He appeared to be around 30 years old now.

“So, how young will I get?” Larry asked. His voice sounded much healthier.

“We don’t know,” David replied. “That’s part of the experiment.”

Larry shrugged, still examining himself in the mirror. His hair started to change color. First, it went to a light gray, and then little strands of orange-red hair sprinkled through his hair. Small amounts at first, and then his head seemed to light on fire as the red-orange hair spread through the rest of his hair. His hair was about two inches long.

“My hair wasn’t this color before. Nor was it this long. Is that alright?” Larry asked, sounding a bit concerned.

“I see,” Alec said. “Do you have any idea why it would be that color?”

“Um, when my late wife was young, she had hair this color. Same with my daughter,” Larry replied.

“Interesting,” Alec said. “Ril . . . Rachel, what time do you have?”

“Seven minutes,” Rachel said looking at her phone.

By this time, Larry’s skin had stopped peeling. He looked to be around 25. His bright orange-red hair was around four inches long, brushing past his ears.

“Is it done?” he asked. “It would be perfect if it did.”

“No, I don’t think so,” David replied. He seemed to shrink away in preparation for the backlash of the next change.

“Am I going to get younger? What else could happ . . . m-my voice . . . is that my voice?” Larry grabbed his throat as he noticed his voice was about an octave higher than it was before.

Rachel had noticed his voice had changed over the last few minutes every time he talked, but the changes were subtle enough not to notice. It started as rough and raspy, and then it got strong and youthful. Then, the pitch kept on getting higher and higher until his voice was soft and delicate.

“Why did my voice change like this?” Larry said. “Is this supposed . . . Ah! It hurts!” He crouched over, hugging himself. His bones crunched as his shoulders became narrower and hips became wider. In about a minute, he lost over eight inches of height so he was even shorter than Rachel. He dropped to his knees. “Why . . .” was all he could get out in his feminine voice.

“Just relax; it’ll be over soon,” David told him, trying to comfort him by putting his hand on his shoulder.

Larry flinched away. “You . . . you knew this would happen?” Larry tried to reach for the call-for-help button, but David easily prevented it. Rachel saw Larry’s face alter to become more feminine; his cheekbones rose, his eyes larger, and his face slenderer. His eyebrows became finer, and his lips fuller. Any trace of facial hair was gone.

“Time?” Alec asked. He sounded a little awestruck. Rachel guessed that he had prepared for it, but could quite believe that it happened. It was also amazing for Rachel to see it; it was one thing for it to happen to herself, but it was another to see it happen to another person.

“Twelve minutes,” Rachel replied.

“Oh no,” Larry moaned. Rachel looked over to see him with his hands between his legs. “It’s gone, it’s gone . . .” he said over and over.

Larry looked more like a woman, or, as Rachel got a better look, a girl. She looked to be around 16. Her hair had grown just above her shoulders and her figure looked petite. Her baggy clothes shrunk to better fit her new form.

Larry let out another moan as she fell back on her back. Her spine arched as she clenched her hands in pain. Rachel heard her body creaking as two small breasts formed on her chest and her hips flared out. Finally, she relaxed her muscles. She was breathing hard lying on the ground as if she had run a race.

While she lay there, her clothes began to change some more. Her pants became jeans. Her long sleeve shirt shrunk from a large to a small, yet it was still a little big on her. She looked a bit like a tomboy.

Rachel assumed the transformation was complete. “Fifteen minutes,” she said. Alec nodded.

“Glasses,” the new girl said. “I need my glasses. They should be on the table.” With her eyes closed, she pointed to the table next to the bed.

David searched for a moment until he found them. The girl put them on. At first, they were a little big, but they adjusted to match her size and style. She then jumped up and said, “Ah, much better. Sorry for freaking out earlier, but I’m fine now. M’name’s Leah. Pleasure ta meetcha.” She held her hand out dramatically to David.

“Nice to meet you, too,” he responded with a half-smile; Rachel felt a pang of jealousy pass through her, which she quickly suppressed. David then looked at Alec. “Were you able to find out anything new?”

“I’ve got a few ideas, but I need to verify them with the next one. Let’s get going.”

“Finally, I get to leave,” Leah said in a sing-song voice, skipping out of the room. “It’s been too long.”

The sign outside the next room read: ‘213 Henry Carter’. As they entered, they saw a man reading a newspaper on his couch. He looked a little younger than Leah had been, probably in his late eighties. He had all of his hair, but it was thinning and light grey. He heard the door open and glared. “Don’t you kids know how to knock,” he said grumpily. “So, what are you here for?”

“Sorry. We’re volunteering for our school club. We just want five minutes of your time,” Alec said.

“Pity?” the old man grumbled. “Alright, fine. Not like there’s much to do in this blasted place. You can sit on the bed if you want.”

“We’re fine to keep on standing,” David said, and then he held his hand awkwardly toward the old man. “My name is David.” Though he was still nervous, David seemed much more confident than he did with Leah.

Bemused, the old man gave him a questioning stare, and then gave a small laugh. “My, aren’t you the polite one,” he said as he shook David’s hand. “I’m Carter; been my whole life. Eh? My hand just went numb… what the… Kid, what’s happening?”

“Start the timer,” Alec told Rachel, ignoring the man. Rachel not only started the timer, but she pulled up her phone video camera and started to record the change. Alec noticed what she did and said, “Good thinking.”

Carter’s hand that shook David’s looked like it was bubbling. Little bumps would form, and then dissolve. At first, it went slow, but then it started to speed up. It appeared his hand was boiling. After a few moments, it started to spread up the arm. Carter tried to stop the boiling from spreading by holding his arm with his other hand, but that only caused the boiling to spread to the other hand. As the boiling moved further up the arm, the boiling in his right hand subsided, revealing a petite and very feminine hand.

Carter looked at his hand in disbelief. The boiling had sped up even faster and was to his shoulder, then to his neck. As the boiling moved to his body, the boils seemed to get larger so that they could still see them under the clothes.

“That’s it, I’m calling for help,” Carter said, his voice distorted like he was speaking out of a static radio.

“Quick, hold him down and cover his mouth,” Alec said.

David moved in and grabbed him from behind holding his arms back. Leah also jumped in and covered his mouth. Alec stayed back to avoid touching David, and Rachel stayed out because she was still recording and keeping time. It had only been two minutes.

The two quickly detained Carter on the bed; he still had an old man’s strength. His shoulder and neck had stopped boiling, revealing a thin, slender build. The boiling had spread to his face and chest. He let out a muffled cry as he arched his back. The boiling had gotten larger on his chest. After each boil, her chest pressed out a bit more. Soon, Rachel could see distinct breasts as the boiling started to subside to move down his body. They were large, almost as big as Sam’s, larger than Rachel’s, and definitely larger than Leah’s.

The boiling flowed up his face to his hair, leaving behind a stunning woman. Carter now had pretty cloudy-blue eyes and full lips. His hair pulsed, changing it from a dull grey to a shiny black, almost blue. As it got longer, his hair started to curl gently. It finally stopped halfway down his back.

Carter closed his eyes in defeat and stopped resisting. The boiling had traveled down the rest of the body. He, or rather she, at this point, had a thin waist and very wide hips. Her butt seemed to be especially large. The final changes occurred quickly as her legs became long and slender. Her clothes changed swiftly into a simple t-shirt and her pants became tight-fit blue jeans.

Rachel looked at the time one more time. Five minutes. A lot happened in that short amount of time. Rachel told Alec about the outcome.

“I knew it,” Alec responded. Everyone looked at him expectantly. “Well, you see, the length of the transformation depends on how long David thinks the current event will occur. Leah’s transformation took fifteen minutes because I said we were only spending fifteen minutes in each room. This one only took five minutes because I said the length. I’m sure Rachel’s time was based on how long David thought he was going to spend playing video games.”

After thinking over it for a few minutes, David nodded. “That would make sense. Sam’s probably lasted through the bus ride, and my brother’s transformation lasted through the hiking trip. Maybe that’s why Simon hasn’t changed completely yet. I was thinking about how long I was staying at the apartment, which was going to be about a month or so.”

“Also,” Alec said, “I believe the body and personality are based on the preference of the person getting transformed; I’m not completely sure though. It could be completely random, but that doesn’t explain the clothes; it must be based on somebody’s preference. If it was yours, all of the girls would look about the same, but they are very different in body type and personality.” Alec started to pace back and forth as he started to think and ramble.

“Could you let go of me now?” a new sultry voice asked. Everyone looked at the new girl again. Leah and David were still holding her down. David let go quickly, apologizing. Leah helped her up. “Thank you, dear.” She walked over to a nearby mirror and posed a little bit, saying quietly to herself, “This is quite the wonderful body.”

Carter looked to be about twenty years old. She turned to look at everybody with a haughty expression, except when her eyes fell on David’s. She walked over to David and kissed him on the lips for a long time like she was laying claim on him. David felt lightheaded as her body pressed into his. When she broke off the kiss, she smiled kindly at him. “You’re the one who did this to me. Thank you.”

Rachel felt very uncomfortable, but she kept her face emotionless. She knew this would happen when they set out to transform others, but it was still hard. Leah, on the other hand, showed her emotion on her sleeve. She fiddled with her hands and shuffled her feet. She kept glancing at David but looked away instantly.

“Ahem,” Alec said, “Let’s get moving. Carter? Should we still call you that?”

“I’ll go by Cassidy now,” she responded. “Cassidy Carter, it has a nice ring, doesn’t it?”

“Great, let’s do one more room, David,” Alec said.

David finally pried himself away from Cassidy; he looked very frazzled. “Let’s get going.”

Before the growing group went into the next room, Alec told David, “This time, I want you to imagine that the event occurs instantaneously. Let’s see how fast the transformation happens.” David nodded.

After knocking on the next door, they saw an old lady watching TV. Once she saw the group, she turned off the TV and said, “I see I have visitors. Come in, come in.” She seemed very happy to be able to talk with someone.

“Well, this will be interesting,” David whisperd to Rachel. “I haven’t touched a regular woman since I touched that crystal.”

The group made some small talk and found out her name was Sophia, and her only family lived across the country and rarely visited or called. She had her hair done up in a bun, and she had kind eyes. Finally, after a sign from Alec, David reached over and touched Sophia’s hand.

Immediately, she began to glow. It was so bright that Rachel could barely look at her. She could see a vague outline of the woman as her hair began to grow longer, her breasts larger, and her figure stronger. After about a minute, she stopped glowing and a beautiful, seventeen-year-old girl with long blonde hair done up in a ponytail was in her place.

“What just happened to me?” Sophia looked over her body, looking at her hands and feeling her face, “Oh my, I’m young again!” She seemed to have the same mannerisms as before. She still spoke and acted the same. Also, her clothes didn’t change like the others.

“Well,” David said, “Women still change from the touch, but their personality still seems to be somewhat the same.”

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