Midas Touch: Chapter 10

“So, how do you know this man again?” David asked as he stared out the car window in wonder. They had stopped at the gate of a huge mansion. They were waiting for the security guard.

“He was a roommate back in college,” Cassidy responded. “We interacted a few times when I was a police officer, but we haven’t spoken in years. It took a few days to get him to meet with us.”

“Wait,” David replied. “You were a cop?”

“Yes, a long time ago,” Cassidy responded with a distant look in her eyes.

The security guard approached them. “What business do you have here?” 

“I have an appointment to meet Mr. Ross,” Cassidy said snapping back to the present. “My name is Cassidy.”

The guard nodded his head and picked up the phone. Within a few moments, the gate opened. They were ushered into a large waiting room after a valet took their car. David couldn’t keep his leg from shaking; everything depended on this meeting and this house was much bigger than he thought it would be. 

Cassidy put a reassuring hand on his knee. “It’ll be ok. I’m here with you.” David nodded to her appreciatively.

 “Mr. Ross will see you now.” A large man stepped through the doorway; David assumed he was Mr. Ross’s bodyguard.

David and Cassidy walked through the doors past the guard. They entered a large dimly lit room; David couldn’t see the other side.

Slam! He looked back to see the guard standing in front of the closed door.

“Step forward,” a gruff voice said from the darkness.

David and Cassidy obeyed. As David’s eyes adjusted to the darkness, David saw an old man in a wheelchair. His body looked frail like it would blow away in a strong breeze. However, his eyes were sharp behind his thick glasses, denoting extreme intelligence.

“Mr. Ross?” David asked.

“Yes it is, boy,” the old man said. “Let’s keep this short. Your friend here, Kathy, said you had a way to make me younger.”

“Her name is Cassidy-“

“I don’t care what her name is,” Mr. Ross said, getting angry. “The only reason I allowed you to enter was that she name-dropped an old friend. Can you or can you not make me younger?”

“Yes, I can,” David said. “But there’s a cost.”

“Name your price. I have plenty of money.”

“I can see that,” David said looking at the glamorous room. “The cost isn’t money though.”

“Don’t be cryptic; I’m not a patient man,” Mr. Ross said, tapping his foot. “You have ten seconds to explain.”

“Whoever I touch becomes a young woman,” David said quickly.

Mr. Ross gave him a blank stare. “I don’t have time for your games. Darren, please show our guests out.”

David turned to look at Darren and looked him in the eyes. “If you touch me, you’ll transform.” Darren didn’t believe David, he did hesitate.

“What are you waiting for?” Mr. Ross’s annoyed voice said behind them.

Darren grabbed David’s shoulder, but he immediately let go, as if he got shocked. “I’m sorry, Darren,” David told the bodyguard. “It’ll be over soon. Mr. Ross, please watch.” David turned to make sure Mr. Ross was watching; the transformation would only take a minute.

Darren had opened up his suit coat to see two breasts forming on his chest. “What is happening to me?”

“As I said, whoever I touch becomes a young woman,” David replied.

Darren pulled out a gun and pointed it at David. “Make it stop!” His voice was slightly higher.

David flinched in terror. He had never had a gunpoint at him. Cassidy stepped in between the gun and David unflinchingly. Seeing Cassidy offer herself as a shield for David made him feel guilty enough to recover from the shock.

“I couldn’t even if I wanted to,” David said. He put a hand on Cassidy’s shoulder and mouthed ‘thank you’.

Darren’s eyes wavered in hesitation. He dropped his gun and fell to his knees. His hands went between his legs, and he let out a cry of despair. His hair started to grow until it reached his shoulders. His face became much softer and younger. His body shrunk and his shoulders became narrower, making his clothes baggy as they no longer fit properly.

Then, his clothes began to change. They remained mostly the same except they fit him better. A nice business suit. the exceptions were that he was wearing heels and the tied disappeared. The top buttons came loose. Overall, she had on a formal feminine business suit.

David crouched next to Darren and put his hand on her shoulder. “Darren, are you alright?”

The girl looked up. “Yes, I think so,” she said. Her voice was higher, but it also had a bit of edge to it, like she was ready for a fight. She picked up the gun and casually hid it inside her jacket. “You can call me Debby.”

David helped her up. “Debby, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Debby held his hand for a brief second longer than was needed and gave David a warm smile. “The pleasure is mine.”

“Is this . . . is this some kind of prank?” Mr. Ross stuttered out.

“I wish it was,” David said. “As I said, there’s a cost. If I touch you, you would become a female, both in body and mind. Cassidy over there used to be your friend Carter; that’s how I knew about you.” Cassidy nodded her head towards Mr. Ross.

“I see,” Mr. Ross said slowly, recovering the best he could. “Why come here in the first place though? I don’t think you want to publish that to the world.”

“I have transformed a few people, and I have come to transform you,” David said. “I need a safe place to stay with everybody. Will you do it?”

Mr. Ross glanced at Debby. “Will I become like that? Will I lose myself?”

“Yes, and no. As far as I understand, your personality and body will become your ideal woman. Your memories and skills will remain intact.”

Mr. Ross looked at Cassidy. “She was willing to take a bullet for you without hesitation. That seems more than a simple personality change, more like enslavement. For youth, I thought I’d be willing to pay any price, but this . . .”

“Each girl is different. It all depends on you,” David said. “But I can promise you, I’ll never take advantage of you, even if your female self wants it.”

“Why even ask me?” Mr. Ross asked. “You could touch me without asking and get everything you want, especially since my bodyguard is incapacitated.”

“I think that would cause more problems than solve,” David said. “If you suddenly disappeared, I think that would cause people to ask questions. My purpose is to find a way where we don’t need to run. I would need you to create an identity for your female self and pass everything to her.”

“Not to you?” Julius asked.

David shook his head. “I’m not a thief; maybe a murderer, but not a thief. You can keep everything. I only want a place to stay.”

Mr. Ross paused for a long moment. He kept on staring at Debby and Cassidy. “I will do it, but I need some time,” he finally said. “Give me a few days.”

“Great. Um, in the meanwhile, can the other girls come here?” David asked.

“Yes, that would be fine,” Julius said. “I would like to meet them to get a better idea of what to expect.”

David exhaled. The tension he had been feeling disappeared. “Great, I’ll tell them the good news.”

“How many of you are there?” Debby asked.

“There are seven girls at the apartment. Why?”

“He has a van that can easily transport that many.” Debby looked at Mr. Ross. “Can we use it?”

“Do what you want,” Mr. Ross said. “I’ll tell the guards to let you through. I’m going to get some rest and think things over. Come and get me when you return.” Mr. Ross wheeled himself out of the room.

David turned to the girls and said, “Shall we go?”

Julius Ross lay on his bed thinking about what he saw. He still didn’t believe it. In recent years, he had spent a lot of money researching anti-aging medication. Julius thought he would spend any price or do any action to become young again, but as he lay there, he hesitated.

Was it worth his personality? His manhood? His life? He had agreed to be touched, but he could still change his mind. His aching body protested. No, he would go through with it. He would do anything to get rid of this pain.

Julius sat up and made a few calls to lawyers and government officials. Might as well start making progress on making a new identity. One thing he realized over his life was that most things could be bought with money, especially paperwork.

He picked a name: Juliet. She would be his estranged daughter from a mistress. He had been reunited with her, and they bonded. As a result, Julius decided to leave his will with her. Of course, a good sum of his money would go to his son who lived across the country, but everything else, including his house and property, would go to Juliet. He then booked a private flight to an obscure country where he could fake his death. He added Darren to the flight as well, since he needed a cover story for his disappearance as well. He’d have to give some money to his family.

Julius leaned back after finishing his preparations. He would still need to sign a few papers, but most of it was finished. He picked up the profile of Juliet. Juliet. He wondered what it would be like to be her. How would she turn out? The boy had said he would change into his ideal woman. What was his ideal? Perhaps, if he concentrated hard enough, he could influence the way he was changed.

He got out another piece of paper and wrote down the qualities of his supposed ideal woman. Strong, intelligent, witty, quick on her feet, and adaptable. Julius looked over his list. Was this truly his ideal woman, or was it the ideal for himself? If it was going by his base nature, it would be almost the opposite: submissive, ditzy, dependent. Both his wives were like that before he married them; it terrified Julius that he might end up like that.

It was a gamble on his true nature. He wanted to talk with the other girls to see what else he could find out.

A knock sounded at the door. “We’re back,” a female voice said. It took a little while to figure out it was Darren.

“Ah, yes,” Julius said, putting away the paper. “Come inside.” The female Darren stepped in. She was a beauty; it was hard to believe this young woman, almost a girl, had been his tough bodyguard. “You look lovely, Darren.”

“Please, call me Debby.”

“Right, sorry. Can I ask you a question? How did it feel when you transformed?”

Debby paused for a moment. “It was terrifying, but then it felt right like I was always meant to be like this. I’m having a hard time believing I was ever a man.”

“I see,” Julius said. The mental change was quite thorough. He limped over to his wheelchair; he could still walk, but it was extremely difficult. “Can you push me to the other room?”

“Of course,” Debby said.

Julius and Debby made their way out to the room where the others were. The first thing Julius noticed was that all of the girls were very beautiful, though they were completely different in appearance and personality.

“It’s good to see you again, Mr. Ross,” David said. “Sorry, it took so long. Here are all of the girls I have transformed that are here with me.”

“Are there others?” Julius asked.

“Um, yes,” David said. “The first one I transformed was my brother. I ran away from home after that, leaving my new sister behind. Also, the transformations have a slightly different effect on people who are already girls; they aren’t as attached to me. There’s a girl at a nearby university and another one who left to go visit her family. Here, let me introduce you. This is Samantha . . .”

As David introduced each of the girls, it became clear to Julius that they were extremely attracted to David with loving glances and gentle touches. Another cost he would consider in the transformation.

“And, finally, this is Alex,” David said, pointing out the orange-haired girl. She had a blank expression on her face, and she had somehow ripped the top of her shirt during the introduction to show more cleavage.

“What’s her story?” Julius asked. This girl was the embodiment of his worst fears of who he would transform into. He wanted to make sure he didn’t end up like that.

“Well, Alec had known about the transformation power before changing. He manipulated me into transforming more girls. Half of these girls were directly or indirectly caused by him. He tried to take advantage of them while I was away, but I caught him.”

Julius nodded. David on first impression seemed to be a very naïve person. He was still young and somewhat sheltered. However, there was a gleam in his eyes as he told his story of Alec. If push came to shove, he would do what was necessary to keep the girls safe.

“It’s nice to meet you all,” Julius said. “Apparently, I’ll be joining you soon. Can you excuse us? I’d like to talk to David alone. Debby, can you show them their rooms? They can make themselves at home.”

Debby looked at David. He gave a short nod, and they left. Julius felt a little jealous; he felt no amount of money could tear those girls away from David.

Once they were alone, Julius said, “I spoke with my lawyers; everything should be prepared in the next couple of days, after I sign a few papers. However, before I go through with this, I want to ask you something. What is your purpose?”

“My purpose? Well, as I said before, I want to provide a safe place for the girls to live,” David said.

“What about after that?” Julius said. “Are you just going to stay here to live out the remainder of your life?”

“Ah, no . . .” David paused for a moment, thinking over his response. “I want to . . . make the world a better place.”

“A better place? By turning men into women?”

“Um, yes,” David said, his cheeks turning red. “I don’t have ulterior motives. I have not . . . slept with any of the girls, nor do I desire to abuse the power.” David looked up, gaining more confidence. “I believe I can make a difference in the world. I have that power. Think about it, I can touch those who want to commit suicide, who are on the death penalty, or who have inclinations to be a girl. I can give them a new chance at life.”

Julius thought for a moment. “If you only do that, you’ll get caught eventually,” Julius said. “You have to go after people with power and knowledge. Lucky for you, I know many people who you could touch to gain competent allies. I want to see where this will go. Hopefully, I’ll transform into someone effective to help you out, but in case I don’t, I’ll tell you the most important people you should go after before I transform.

What do you say?”

David hesitated but nodded slowly. Julius thought he was still being careful about who he trusted, considering he was manipulated before. “I’ll consider it. What’s your plan?”

“Very well,” Julius said. “Let’s go back to my office.”

“Are you sure you’re willing to do this,” the lawyer said, holding the last paper in his hand. “There’s no going back.”

“Yes,” Julius said. He took the will and signed it. All of his property would transfer over to his daughter, Juliet. “I will be leaving overseas to live the rest of my life in peace. I want you to declare me presumed dead.”

“It’s been a pleasure working with you,” the lawyer said. “I hope you have a pleasant retirement. Your daughter is one lucky girl.” He packed up his bags and left.

Julius leaned back in his chair. This took too long. It had been three days since David first came. He had more paperwork to do and also employees to dismiss, such as security guards and cleaners.

A few minutes later, Julius was with David and the other girls in the room. They had all made themselves at home; Julius had plenty of rooms available and also transportation for them to get to their jobs if they still decided to go. The ones who worked at the diner quit, but the others left during the day.

“I am ready,” Julius said. He stood up out of his wheelchair next to a full-size mirror he had brought in. He wanted to do this on his own feet. He took one last look at his reflection; he had worn a suit for the occasion, even though he knew the clothes would transform along with him.

“Okay,” David said. “Here we go. It’ll take about an hour, just like you wanted.” He reached over and shook Julius’s hand.

Immediately, Julius felt his hand go numb. “I would like to be alone.” The others nodded and left the room.

Julius felt strength flow into him. His joints no longer ached, and he could stand easily. He jumped up and down, unable to hold back a laugh; he could almost cry from happiness. Almost.

He looked into the mirror. The wrinkles on his face smoothed out, leaving a fresh younger face. Hair started to grow hair on his bald head like weeds in fertile ground; first white, then silver, then to a very soft blond. Julius judged himself to be around forty years old by this point. He removed his glasses as they were doing more harm than good.

As Julius’s face and body continued to get younger, he looked different than when he was the same age. Julius had always been charismatic, but he always led through strictness and fear. The young man in the mirror looked to be about twenty. He was hopeful, pure, and likable; his eyes spoke of competence and even a bit of deviousness. Julius felt his mind change to fit the image; he didn’t resist. He wanted what was in the mirror. If only the inevitable next part wouldn’t happen . . .

As if by command, Julius started to feel a bit of pressure around his chest. He opened up the jacket of the suit and saw two breasts begin to form. It felt like a warm liquid was flowing into them causing them to expand. It wasn’t an unpleasant feeling, but it did make him a bit apprehensive to be gaining a new body part.

Julius looked back in the mirror. His face had altered. The same personality remained as the young man, but feminine features started to creep in. His eyes became larger; his mouth and nose a little smaller. His jawline became less sharp to match the gentler frame of his face. His blond hair grew out down to his shoulders. The hair blocked his vision in one eye, so he brushed it aside. It immediately settled back in front of his eye. That might be a little annoying.

Julius turned his attention back to his body. His suit had begun to change. The coat had merged with his collared shirt and had a slight reddish hue. His breasts were still developing as they pressed firmly against his shirt; he was afraid the buttons would pop off. His pants had also combined with his shirt and shrunk to form tightly around his newly formed wider hips and slimmer waist. His shoes transformed from formal black to three-inch red heels; he had to take them off because it was getting difficult to stand.

The shirt started to open up at the collar, dipping down to his increasing cleavage. How big were they going to get? Her shoulders became bare, though the sleeves remained, and the shirt disintegrated down to the nape of his back. In the front, Julius had no idea how the shirt stayed up. He felt a flutter of wind on his legs; he looked down to see the legs of the pants open up to become an elegant dress. Patterns and ruffles weaved themselves into the gown.

The changes finally stopped. Julius stared at the gorgeous woman in the mirror. He shouldn’t have expected anything less from his ideal woman. Everything was perfect, from the way the dress displayed her cleavage to the air of confidence she displayed.

A sharp pressure shot through his head; it felt like something was invading his mind. Julius resisted; he knew there was no point to fight it, but it was his unconscious reaction to protect his inner self. Little by little, the invader soothed Julius’s worries. She wasn’t coming in to destroy, but to make it complete. Julius gave in completely to the invader to become Juliet.

Juliet looked at the mirror with a cool assertive smile. She had ambition and ability. She felt like she could do anything. She opened the door to let the others back into the room. As she saw David, her heart skipped a beat, but she didn’t let it show on her outward appearance; she had too much to do to worry about being attracted to a boy.

“Welcome,” Juliet said. “My name is Juliet, and I am the new owner of this house.” She stared at the girls, and then finally rested her gaze on David. “I have plans for each and every one of you.”

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