Midas Touch: Chapter 6

“How did this happen?” Sophia asked, staring at the mirror. Her hands shook as she stared with bafflement at her new body. She pinched herself. “It’s real. You did this?”

“I found some magic a short time ago,” David said. “Now, whoever I touch becomes younger.” He thought it best to leave the part about turning men into girls out until later.

David was still thinking about the differences in touching a regular female. Sophia still seemed to have the same personality, and she was still acting confused. Usually, with the others, they became calm shortly after the transformation.

“So, all of you changed as well?” Sophia asked, glancing at the others.

“Everyone, but Alec and me,” David said. “The blonde with the braid is Rachel, the black-haired girl is Cassidy, and the short redhead is Leah.” Sophia greeted each of them.

“We should get going,” Alec said, nervously glancing at the time. “We don’t want them to find empty beds while we’re still here. We can talk on the way out.”

“Right,” David agreed. He turned to Cassidy and Leah. “Do you have anything you want to bring? We won’t be coming back.” They nodded and quickly left the room.

David turned back to Sophia. “Do you want to come with us? We aren’t going to force you, but you’ll have a place to stay until you figure out what you want to do.”

Sophia paused for a moment and then nodded. “I don’t have anywhere else to go. My husband passed away years ago, and my children haven’t visited me in years.”

“Do as you want,” Alec said. “I’m going to go distract the front desk lady. Rachel, here are the keys to the car. Get it ready to go. Leave as quickly as you can.”

Every few seconds, Sophia would glance at the mirror as she collected h belongings. It was so surreal that she was so young. Her body felt healthy and strong; she could finally move the way she wanted.

She wasn’t just younger. She also looked prettier than before, as she had always felt very plain. Her hair before turning white had been brown; now, it was blond. Her face had altered slightly, and her breasts were noticeably larger.

After she packed everything in her small suitcase, she sat on her chair to wait for the others to return. Only Rachel and David were still in the room, though Rachel was reading a book. Sophia’s attention was drawn to David. Her heart began to beat faster. Surprised, Sophia started blushing. She was attracted to a guy who could be her grandson? Why? All he was doing was sitting on the bed, thinking. On the bed . . . Sophia’s thoughts began to roam free.

“Is something wrong?” A voice interrupted Sophia’s imagination. David was looking at her a little concerned.

“Oh, it’s nothing,” Sophia said, her face turning bright red. It had been a while since she felt hormones this strong; remembering and feeling were two completely different things. “I’m just not used to being young and the emotions that come with it . . .”

As David understood what she meant, his face also turned bright red. An awkward silence fell across the room. Neither of them wanted to look at the other.

“I can’t wait to finally get out of here!” a loud voice said, breaking the silence. Leah stood in the doorway. She seemed to sense the awkward silence and smirked. “Am I disturbing something?”

“No, nothing,” Sophia said quickly, perhaps too quickly.

“What’s going on?” Cassidy said walking into the room behind Leah.

“Nothing, wink wink,” Leah said with a giggle and a nudge.

“Don’t do that,” Cassidy said, looking a little annoyed.

“Right, well anyway,” David said, obviously trying to change the subject. “Everyone ready? Let’s go.”

The group of beautiful girls with David quietly walked past the empty front desk; Sophia felt odd to be considered part of that group. As they waited by the car, Sophia wondered about the other girls. She thought she had a pretty good idea who stayed within the rest home, but she didn’t recognize the names of any of them. Perhaps, they changed names when they transformed.

It only took a few minutes until Alec came out. He gave a thumb up to signal that it went according to plan.

“So how’re we going to sort out the car situation?” Alec asked once he got closer. “There are only five seats, but six people. Four people will have to sit in the back.”

“I don’t mind sitting in the back,” Cassidy said as she linked her arm through David’s. “As long as David is there as well.”

“I want to sit in the back as well,” Leah said hugging David from the other side.

“I don’t mind sitting in the back either,” Rachel said quietly.

“So that means the blonde is in the front with me,” Alec said, staring lecherously at Sophia, leaving her feeling somewhat violated. Sophia didn’t particularly like Alec; she started to wonder how the nice boy David became friends with him.

They piled into the car; Sophia took the front seat. She looked back and saw three girls surrounding David. Cassidy was sitting at his left, still linking arms, with her head on his shoulder. Rachel was on his right reading a book. However, Sophia noticed her hand was close to David’s as if she wanted to hold it but was too shy to do so. Leah ended up sitting on David’s lap; she had won at rock-paper-scissors. She had her arm around his neck as she rested playfully on his chest.

“I’ve been meaning to ask this, is there something wrong with them?” Sophia asked Alec as they started driving. “They seem to be all over David.”

“Well, I guess you should know,” he started. “All three of those girls were guys at one time. The touch not only makes them younger, but it makes them female as well. For some reason, it changes their personality as well. You were the first real girl he touched, but your personality didn’t seem to change.”

“Oh,” was all Sophia could say. She looked back again, but she couldn’t even imagine the girls once being guys. They all acted so feminine and comfortable in their bodies, more so than even Sophia.

They all seemed to be attracted strongly to David as well. Sophia wondered how much her personality had changed as she remembered her awkward moment with David.

The car finally came to a stop. For David, that was one of the most awkward car rides he had experienced, right up there with the ride home with his brother who had just turned into a girl. However, when David looked outside, they were not back at the apartment. They were at a mall.

“Alec? I thought we were heading back home,” David asked as they got out of the car. He was still new to the city, especially since he rarely went outside.

“I thought it might be nice to relax a bit,” Alec replied. “There’s a waterpark around here; it might be fun for the girls to experience youth again.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” David responded. “You know what happens when I touch someone else.”

“Come here for a second,” Alec said, motioning to talk with him in private. David walked over and Alec made sure he was far enough away so David wouldn’t accidentally touch him.

“We’ve got four beautiful girls with us. Don’t you want to see them in swimsuits, maybe even bikinis?” He paused. “Unless you don’t like girls . . . I don’t know, from the way you’ve been acting . . .”

“No, no, I like girls,” David said quickly, getting a little flustered. He looked over at the girls, imagining them in swimsuits. It was very enticing. “Alright fine, but we need to be careful.”

“Great, that’s the spirit. I think you should announce it to them.”

David walked back over to the girls, who were talking among themselves. “Does anybody have any objections to going to a waterpark?”

“Nope, it sounds like fun,” Leah said excitedly, “I don’t know if I’ve ever been to one.”

“I don’t mind, just as long as you’re there,” Cassidy said.

Rachel shrugged. David noticed she didn’t talk much in front of other people. If she did talk, it was short and straight to the point.

“If everybody else wants to go, then I’d feel bad declining. Let’s do it,” Sophia said. “It might be fun.”

“Great, let’s get some suits,” Alec said, joining the conversation.

The small group found a store and after a few minutes of choosing, they each found one they liked. Leah found a light blue two-piece suit; the top half covered her stomach, but the string strap revealed her shoulders; she had shorts to cover the bottom half. Rachel found a plain one-piece green suit, revealing a little bit of cleavage at the top with a pair of short shorts to cover the bottom.

Sophia had bought a very old-fashioned one-piece suit. It was pink and very modest. She seemed to be very uncomfortable showing too much skin. Cassidy, on the other hand, showed as much skin as she could. She picked out a dark purple bikini that showed off her cleavage and slim waist.

Alec and David, on the other hand, simply bought trunks.

Cassidy walked over to the boys and asked David, “So how do I look?” She leaned forward to show her impressive bosom.

“You… you… look…” David stuttered.

Alec broke in, putting his arm around her waist. “You look great, hun.”

Cassidy looked at Alec condescendingly and said, “Touch me again and I’ll break your arm.” Alec retreated.

Upon arrival at the waterpark, David saw that there were a few slides, but the main attraction was the large pool. There weren’t too many people in the park, but there were enough that David couldn’t do too much. The girls did force him to go down the slides a few times with them. They made sure nobody else touched him.

Most of the time, David simply lay out in the sun. He encouraged the others to go and play in the water. Rachel even put her book down a few times to go out. Alec rarely showed up; he had tried to hit on the girls, but he was rejected every time. He probably went out to search for other girls. David didn’t mind.

After being inside for so long, it felt nice to get a bit of warmth from the sun.

Elliot called out to his friend. “Anthony, come here. Look at those girls.”

His red-headed friend looked in the direction Elliot was pointing and whistled. “Wow, you don’t see those types of girls every day. Which do you prefer?”

“I like the dark-haired one with the bikini. I mean, look at that rack. What about you?”

“Hmm, I sort of like the blond with the braid. She’s cute,” Anthony said.

“The one with the book?” Elliot asked. “Going for the younger one, eh? You know, just because we barely graduated from high school doesn’t mean you have you go for high school girls.”

“I hold to my claim,” Anthony said, and then he took a closer look at them, “Is there only one guy among that group? Lucky guy.”

“I know. I wonder how he did that,” Elliot said, pushing a hand through his blond hair. “I mean, he looks like a dork.”

“Would you like to hook up with one of those girls?” a voice said from behind. Elliot and Anthony turned around and there stood a short guy with red hair.

“And how would you do that?” Elliot replied skeptically.

“I know them. All I ask is just one little favor.”

“I knew it,” Anthony said. “It’s just a little scheme. What do you want, money?”

“No, it’s nothing like that,” the guy said. “I want you to pick up the guy who is with them and throw him in the water, just as a prank. A small price for a date with a pretty girl.”

Anthony looked at his friend and shrugged. “Sounds easy enough. I’m in if you are.”

“Sure, why not,” Elliot said. “I want the busty one with the bikini.”

“Whoever you want,” the guy replied. “I’m going to go talk with them to draw the girls away, and then you can do it. Make sure to get away quickly, and then meet me right here afterward.”

After the guy left, Anthony asked, “Do you think that’ll work?”

“Probably not, but at least we have an excuse to get back at that guy for being surrounded by beautiful girls.” They laughed.

True to his word, the redhead guy led the group of girls away from the dork. The two friends began to have hope. They ran toward the dork, picked him up, and threw him in the water. Elliot felt a numb feeling pass through his arms. They ran away as the dork recovered enough to start yelling after them, but they were too far away to hear anything.

Once they were sure they had gotten away, they began to laugh. As they waited for the guy to come back, Elliot began to feel a little funny. His head became light and his stomach nauseous. His hips and legs ached a bit as well. He leaned against a nearby wall.

“You feeling alright?” Anthony asked. He coughed a bit; it sounded a little pitchy.

“I’m just feeling a little sick right now. It’ll pass.”

“Yeah,” Anthony said. “I don’t feel so good either.” His voice was barely audible.

Elliot looked up at his friend. Up? Elliot had always been taller by at least three inches, but now it seemed Elliot was at least three inches shorter than his friend. He also saw that Anthony’s hair was a little longer. Elliot closed his eyes, thinking he was seeing things. Nausea passed, and Elliot opened his eyes again.

“It passed,” Elliot said. “Is it just me, or are you taller?”

“No, I think you’re shorter,” Anthony said in his odd voice; his eyes widened. He pointed at Elliot’s bottom half. “What happened to your swimming suit?”

Elliot looked down. His trunks had changed into a speedo. It was a tight speedo where it was easy to see the bulge. “What the…” The bulge started to shrink until it was completely gone. He opened up his swimsuit to look inside. A stream of curses echoed through the air. A few people stopped to look where the voice came from.

“What’s wrong?” a girl’s voice asked. “Wah, is that my voice?”

Elliot looked up away from his lack of manhood. Anthony was holding his throat, trying to cough to change the pitch of his voice. His hair was much longer, going past his ears. His facial features were also a little odd.

“Anthony, my . . . my . . . it’s gone!”

“My voice sounds like a girl,” Anthony said. “I can’t live like this. What’s this? My hair!” Anthony seemed far too distracted by his changes to pay attention to Elliot.

Elliot felt something cold creep up his body. He looked down to see the speedo stretching up his body. It felt tight as it passed across his body. The material seemed to suck the muscle and fat from his stomach, becoming skinnier where it passed.

“Stop, stop!” Elliot yelled. He tried to peel the suit off with his hands, but the material seemed to be plastered to his skin. More people started to notice the two boys, but Elliot didn’t care.

When the suit reached his chest, it wasn’t as tight. The fabric continued over his shoulders and strapped around the back. The front was low cut, showing much of his chest. Elliot fingered the suit. It was a plain green female swimsuit.

A girl. He was changing into a girl.

“Anthony, I’m turning into a . . .” Elliot looked at his friend but didn’t know quite what to think. Anthony’s body was still the same, but his head was that of a cute innocent girl. His eyes were big and his features soft. His blood-red hair dropped past the shoulders.

“Dude,” Anthony said in that female voice. “What happened to you?”

“I could say the same to . . . ah ah ah, my chest, it hurts.”

He was afraid and excited for the next predictable step. Elliot’s flat chest started to bulge. His chest began to push out slowly, but they built up quickly in size. First, it pressed slightly against the suit, and then they pushed tighter and tighter until it seemed like it would burst out the top. Finally, they stopped growing. Two firm breasts showed cleavage right above the suit. He touched them delicately; they felt soft and warm.

More people began to gather, but Elliot was oblivious to his surroundings. His shoulders became less broad and his arms lost the muscle he had built up for the summer. He felt numb and his facial hair fell off; he could only imagine his face becoming more feminine as Anthony’s had. His hair burst from his head like a small bomb and fell down his back. Then, as if it were alive, it raised itself and formed into a thick ponytail. Dazed, Elliot grabbed his hair, trying to pull it out.

“Elliot? Is that you?” Anthony asked with his feminine voice.

Elliot seemed to pop out of the trance as she looked at Anthony. Anthony had similarly shrunk in size as Elliot had; they were about the same size. He was much slimmer and his suit had changed to a speedo, but he had not grown breasts yet or lost his manhood.

“Yeah, it’s me,” Elliot said. He was surprised by how calm he felt; he should be panicking, but he wasn’t. “Looks like you’re almost done.”

Anthony looked down to see his bulge disappear. “What! No, no, please no!” The crowd broke out in murmurings, confused about what was going on.

Anthony’s transformation followed Elliot’s transformation almost the same, except instead of the speedo climbing up his body, a strap of material formed around his chest. His breasts filled out the bikini top nicely; they were even larger than Elliot’s.

Anthony hid behind Elliot, trying to make himself smaller. Elliot had an overwhelming urge to protect him. She stepped in front of her to block the view.

Just then, a girl with orange hair came out into the center of the circle. She called to the crowd, “Thank you for watching our little show. It’s something we’ve been working on for a while. Now, will you give a round of applause for our wonderful actors?” The crowd began to laugh and clap, wondering how in the world it was possible. The girl whispered to Elliot and Anthony, “Bow; it’ll work better.”

Elliot felt confused, but she gratefully accepted the help. She gave an exaggerated bow. She heard some whistles as her cleavage was shown in greater detail. That only caused her to gain confidence in her body. Anthony, on the other hand, was very timid. Elliot put her arm around her friend to help Anthony feel more comfortable. Anthony smiled and managed a little wave.

The orange-haired girl yelled to the crowd, “I’m sorry, but we need to get going. Thank you once again.” The crowd dispersed and the orange girl pulled the others by the hands, “I guess it’s time to introduce you to the others.”

David wondered why in the world those guys would toss him into the pool. They had been there for a few hours without incident, but right when they were getting ready to leave, he got touched. The only reason he could think of is that they were jealous of him being with so many girls. Whatever the reason, the result remained the same.

Alec came back from the search quickly. “I found them. The transformation is almost over. There is a big crowd, and I was a little afraid someone might recognize me. I do live in the area after all.”

David nodded; it wouldn’t be good if anybody could link the disappearances back to him.

“I’ll take part of the group back to the apartment,” Alec said. “Since we have two more people joining us, we’ll need to take two separate trips.”

“Can’t they just drive their car?” Sophia asked. “They looked to be old enough to own a car.”

“Not a good idea,” Rachel replied calmly while still reading her book, “It would lead the police directly to our house when they realize the guys are missing.”

Alec nodded. “Let’s avoid that. Leah, can you stay behind with David? The rest of the group, come back with me.” Leah became giddy, as the others reluctantly agreed as they left with Alec.

It only took a few minutes for Leah to collect the girls. The blond with pigtails was super confident, while the bright redhead was timider. Both of them looked very confused.

David greeted them. “Hi, my name is David. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” David was becoming used to doing this; perhaps a bit too used to it.

The two girls immediately started to blush. The blond quickly said, “We’re so sorry for throwing you into the pool. Can we make it up to you?” The redhead seemed on the verge of tears.

“It’s alright, it wasn’t a big deal. I should be the one apologizing. What are your names?” David asked.

“My name is Elliot,” the blond said spunkily. “But, I guess I can go by Ellie now.”

“I’ll go by Aubree,” the redhead whispered.

“I know this is kind of sudden,” David said, “but given your circumstance, would you like to come with us? There are others like you and I think it’s best to stick together until we can sort this out.”

“Can we?” Ellie said. Both girls brightened up, and Ellie jumped forward to give David a big hug. “We’d love that.” Aubree nodded her head as well. David still found it amazing how much they accepted the change.

Leah put her arms around the new girls’ shoulders and said, “I think we’ll get along just fine.”

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